Sunday, March 27, 2011


(his two best friends geeking out about some game on the flatscreen while he burries himself in the corner with the 3DS, thats his hand in the whiteish blur)

So i'm here with my amazing boyfriend Tom for the weekend. he kidnapped me shortly after I got done with work Friday night, and whisked me away to his home in the teeny tiny town of Rome, WI. Unincorperated, but with a rad firedepartment (I only say that because he works for the firedepartment, not because I'm biased twards his or anything :P) I'm going to be here for the WHOLE weekend (well, at least another 2 ish days, since its already Sunday) and I'm so excited. I love spending time with him, his cat and his roomie's ferrets (yep, ferrets. They are so cute!) and i'm not looking forward to leaving to go back to work. Not because I dont like my job, but because i dont like leaving him. we get to see eachother roughly every 2 weeks, and while it is nice its also very painful on my part to leave. i feel like i belong here. partally because when i'm here his kitchen actually gets used and the house kinda sorta gets cleaned, and partally because i know it'll be another 2 weeks before i see him again. he makes me feel wanted and loved.

(the 3DS my wounderfuly awesome boyfriend gave me because he is awesome and I love him!)
But before i get super super mushy, I should move on to the next topic. The reason why he kidnapped me this weekend is because last night at midnight it was the premiere release of the 3DS. And of course, he got me one, even though I told him it was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. But doe he listen to me? No! *sigh* What's a girl to do? Take it in stride of course! He got me a game called Monkey Balls and its basically a ripoff of Mario cart and super smash brothers combined. Its also multiplayer, which is why he got it. Its pretty fun, I only played a couple of rounds with his friend before I decided that 3am was my limit. I don't remember what time he came to bed, but I know it must have been late because I woke up at 10:45am and he still wasn't conscious.


  1. But... But... You ARE a rockstar! You cannibal!

  2. awww what a sweetie whisking you away for the weekend! And what an awesome present...can't wait to see pics :)