Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wow, Its Been Awhile....

Well, it sure has been awhile since I posted. December? 7 months....lets see whats been going on....

Well, up until the end of April i had been working for Caseys General Store, a gas station/pizza place that I enjoyed. But, they wouldnt give me full time so on a whim I put in applications for both McDonalds and Trimark Corp. I got into both. With three jobs I wasnt really able to do much, so I quit McDonalds and Caseys in hopes that I would get hired on full time at Trimark.

See, I was employed through a temp agency to Trimark. I still worked 40+ hours per week, but I was not company so I didn't get the benefits, but I still worked like hell. Well, up until Monday morning, everything was hunky dory and I thought I was going to get hired on full time.

Yeah, right.

I got the phone call from the Labor Ready office at like 2pm on Monday, saying that Trimark did not want me to go back to work. I was floored. I had been working there for almost 4 months, and then suddenly they didnt want me back? Why?

Apparently, according to the big wigs, tey were doing 'cutbacks' and 'rethinking their temporary workers'. Which, in my opinion, was total and utter bullshit because just a month ago they had run a big campeign to get MORE workers into their factory.

So, I'm jobless. For now, at least. I'm sure that I'll find something, but its really hard not to sink into a depression worth writing about. For now, though, I've got spaghetti on the stove.