Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Edit: again, this is a pattern I posted on Uncommon Crochet, but I'm just re-posting.

*sorry no pictures and the one that i had made I gave away but as soon as I have no more WIPs I'll make another and take pictures. This was my first written patterns so if there's any problems let me know. *


Hook- size H/8 (5mm)

large eye yarn needle

ribbon (optional)

Gauge: 17 sts= 4" in pattern stich
17 rows= 4" in pattern stitch

pattern stitch:

* sc in frount loop only of next ts, then sc in back loop only of next st, repeat from * all the way across, chain one, turn.


To begin: ch 51. sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across (50 sc) ch 1, turn.

Working on these sts, start Pattern Stitch and continue until you have completed 12".

End yarn by drawing tail through last st and weaving ends.


Work as for the fount.


ch 6, sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across (5 sc) ch 1, turn.

keeping in sc, work on these sts until piece measures 16". end yarn by drawing tail through last st and weving ends.


Weave in any loose yarn ends.

With right sides facing each other, place the front and back pieces together. Sew together with matching color yarn.

Sew on handles. If desired, add ribbon to inside of handles to create a sturdy handle that wont stretch with use.


ch 11, turn.

SC in second st from hook and across, ch 1, turn. (10 sc)

Working in PATTERN STITCH, continue until desired length (mine was six inches) and finish off. Sew onto handle of bag. I'm left handed so i sewed it onto the right handle on the left side.


Really, this is just a compartment on the inside.

CH 6, turn

SC in each st across, (5 sc) ch 1, turn.

I used the PATTERN STITCH until it was about 4 inches, fastoned off and sewed it to the inside of the bag on the left corner.

I know its not perfect, and its really simple, but it works. You can line it or felt it if desired. hope you enjoy.

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