Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Pattern- Hip Wrysters

Hip Wrysters

Edit: This pattern comes from my old blog, Uncommon Crochet, and I just thought I'd re-post it. I still make 'em, and once I have a set I'll post a picture.

* this is rather delayed as I wrote this pattern awhile back, but I havnt had much time to do anything. Well, thats not true either. I've just been lazy. So, HUGE thanks to Tami for testing it for me, and all my friends at the 'ville. *

**oh, and the most difficult parts are re-typed at the bottom in red**


Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
H/5mm hook
Yarn needle
Stitch Marker or Scrap yarn

Stitches Used:
SC-single crochet (British DC-double crochet)
HDC-half double crochet ( British HTR- half treble crochet)
SL ST-slip stitch (British SS- slip stitch)

CH 30 (or as many as it takes to fit around the thick part of your hand)
Join with SL ST

Round 1-HDC in SAME st as sl st and around- 30st. Join with sl st in SAME st as first HDC, Ch 1. (DO NOT TURN)

Round 2-3 HDC in SAME st as sl st and around-30 st.

From now on you will be using Stitch markers or Scrap yarn to track where you begin and end a round.

Round 4- 3 HDC in SAME st as sl st, place stitch marker in first HDC. Chain 6, skip 6 stitches, HDC around-30 st.

Round 5-3 HDC in SAME st as marker and in next 2 HDC, HDC in each of the 6 ch, creating a hole for the thumb.
HDC in each st around- 30 st.

Round 6-12-HDC in each st around, 30 st in each round.

Round 13- SC in each st around- 30 st.

Finish off, weave in ends.
This is only my 3rd written pattern so if you have any difficulties please contact me.

Round 4-Hdc in same st as sl st, plus two, placing stitch marker in first st. chain 6, skip 6 stitches, hdc around-30 st.

round 5-hdc in same st as st marker was in, and in next 2 st, hdc in next 6 ch st and around-30 st.

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