Friday, March 4, 2011

Ok, first of all, people are just wierd. Did you know that when you type in 'anime girl with glasses' into Google half the shit you get is Hentai? Nope, I didn't either, and now I have coworkers going 'Uhhh....'

Anyway, I got new glasses today. Yey me, I can actually see the world through non-fucked up lenses! The computer screan seems 10X brighter, people are no longer fuzzy around the edges, and the dog has not had a chance to chew on them! The only thing is I have a slight headache now because it was such a derastic change from the old ones, but I think I look ten times better. Now only if I was not sick...

And now is the time I do my first product review! Well, I think. I just wanna mention Mucinex DM for its awesomeness at making my life so much easier. I mean, I'm still sick, but at least my lungs stay in place while I'm at work or sleeping. Which seems to be the only two things I do anymore. But anyway. Yes, Mucinex DM. Try it if you can, because it is amazing.

What else can I randomly ramble about? Hmm... Well as you can probably tell I'm trying to remodel the blog, again, with little sucess. I'm trying to find something thats cool, edgy, yet sophistocated, and something that handles 3 columns. If my friend who does awesome HTML work would EVER answer my messages, i'd have her design it. As it were, I think I might just take some classes in HTML so that I can do it myself. Who knows? It may come in handy later on.

So, in conclusion, Google is perverted, and Mucinex saved my life. XD

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