Sunday, April 3, 2011


So this is me, the most recent picture of me at least, at my work station (which becomes cluttered as all hell when i get there, and this pic was taken shortly after arrival today). I got my hair chopped, so its UBER short and a lot easier to mannage for the upcoming spring/summer months. Now, if only I could cure the cowlick....

Anywyay, thought I'd update my blog a bit as the phones are not ringing (I get a total of maybe a call an hour, and thats if its super busy on weekends) and I have nothing better to do. I updated some of my previous posts with the promised pics, as well.

Me with longer, more unruly hair, wearing the only green bay packer thing i had- A pom pom headband I made! Yes, i did geek out when the packers won, but like I said, I was still poor at that time.

And last but not least, a crocheted item! A Sansa Fuze cozy I made because I was sick of the damn thing getting all scratched up all the time, and because I lost the other one -.- Anyway, I made this using Red heart Sock yarn in 2 different colors. If anyone wants the pattern, let me know, and I can write it up. Its fairly simple. The heart was made using Red Heart's free 'heart' pattern.


  1. oh my gosh, and your crocheted phone cozy is ADORABLE, I love the heart you added!!!!!

  2. Actually, its a Sansa Fuze Cozy,in other words Mp3 player...but thank you for both ^.^