Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bored Crafting

Lookie what I made! A Pop-tab bracelet! lol I was super board for the past few days and so I decided to brouse youtube. I found a tutorial to make pop tab bracelets, and so I immediatly set down to make one. I closed it with a paper clip for the clasp and its loose enough that it wont strangle my wryst but tight enough that it wont slide off my hand. I'm super proud of it :D

Anyway, not much else going on really. The neighbor and I figured that we'd go for a walk uptown, and after that I HAVE to do the dishes. Before Jake comes home. Because I've been procrastinating on doing them for 4 days and we are out of glasses. -.- sadness. But either way, today is going to be a good day even though its flipping FREZING outside. Time to pull out my awesome hat and scarf!

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