Sunday, December 4, 2011

My New Projects

Tis the season for overspending, undereating, long road trips, and snow. Oh, and decorations. Which is what brings me to this post

I have decided that for this year ( mostly because we're broke) I am going to craft the decorations for my tree. We got the tree itself from a little shop called the Treasure Chest for $4 and the previous tennents left a bunch of lights and decorations in the basement. I have utalized a bunch of them but I refuse to color code my tree in blue. So, as a result, the 25 days of Ornaments has been born.

Days 1, 2, and 3 are all smashed together.  So, without further adu, here we go.

1. My very first Sculpy project, Christmas Kitty. I used a whole block of black clay (well except for like 3 pieces) and got my idea from Youtube. I may attempt the actual tutorial for my next project, but for now I like it. For the most part it turned out well.

2.This was my second attempt with polymer clay, otherwise known as Sculpy. Mostly I just used remanents from the kitty and made a spiral. The white dyed itself pink-ish from my fingers but it turned out ok. This may be one that i might want to attempt later on with the proper tools, but for now it looks nice just where it is.

3. Last but not least, a lazy charm. I call it lazy because all I did was take some of the wool that I had laying around and made a yarn ball. I think it acutally looks really nice because of the color combos. I got the idea from this tutorial, which called for a Styrofoam core. I of course dont have any styrofoam, but I do have lots of yarn that I really dont mind using for a ball or two.

So there we have it, the first of many DIY  holiday ornaments. I'm going to try to post them every day, but if I miss a couple I dont think anyone will mind. Its not like anyone actually reads this thing anyway....(yeah, I'm feeling a bit down)

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