Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At Some Point You Have To Say 'Really?'

First off, though I doubt anyone really cares, sorry for my absence. I'm now working part time at Casey's in New Hampton and I work night shift, while Jake just moved to nights at Bay Valley. So our sleeping scheules are a bit off right now, but at least things are working out for the most part.

The reason why I became compelled to post this is because of a facebook feed. I was brousing around after work mindlessly when something cought my attention. 'Milwakee Ads Wake Up Parents To Dangers of Co-Sleeping' which you can find the link to the article here. I read through the article, and went 'Really? Is that what they have to pick on NOW?' because I am a product of parent co-sleeping. Now admitedly, my situation was much different. My younger brother and I slept with our grandmother on a queen sized bed until my older brother moved out of the house (I was about 11) because we didn't have room to have each of us have our own rooms. I remember those days as being fitful and restful because I had my family around me and I felt very safe. I have been told (and have glimpses of) memories of sleeping on my mother's chest when she got home from work. No one ever suffocated me, nor did any harm befall me when I was sleeping with my grandmother or mother.

But now, appaerently, this is a huge issue. Just take a look at the add that they have circulating.
...for fuck's sake. This is just people being stupid and paranoid. Reason 1: the kid is sleeping on its tummy, on a bed with sheets and blankets and pillows galore on what looks to be a feather pillow. 2. When a parent is (usually from my experience) sleeping with a baby, the child ends up cacooned within the parent's arms. Tell me, when your cat/dog is sleeping in your arms (or on them) do you roll over and crush them in your sleep? And finally reason 3. I truely believe that Milwakee is just trying to blame the high infant mortality rate on something just to cause an uproar.

Anyway, that's my rant for now, later on I may post about my crochet. Feel free to comment (if anyone reads this) and let me know what you think.

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  1. I think they should question the people who put that weapon next to a baby.Seriously? I had our babies in bed with me. Our 9 year old son still asks to sleep in our bed with us sometimes.