Sunday, January 6, 2013


Lots and lots of things have happened since my last post. Though I highly doubt anyone even reads this blog, one of my resolutions is to start blogging again. So, here it goes.

Jake broke up with me. It was a couple of months after I lost my job at Tri-Mark. I was depressed, and I guess he just couldn't handle it anymore. So, I'm now living with Rolene and Paul and their son Sam. Rolene owns Mother of Purl, a yarn shop that opened up in town over the summer. I became fast firends and she was the one that I turned to when....everything happened.

I started working again. I work at Walmart now, as an over night associate stocking shelves. Its not ideal and the pay sucks, but its something for right now.

I also went and got myself a car. I took out a loan for 1100 and got a '99 Oldsmobile Allero. It runs great and we take it to work every day. I'm paying off the loan slowly, though that reminds me I need to talk to my bank.

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